Thinking With Water

Thinking With Water

Project archives included from street performance, Taste the $ource.
Edited by Cecilia Chen, Janine MacLeod, Astrida Neimanis.

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Drawing from a pool of contributors with diverse backgrounds, Thinking with Water presents the work of critics, scholars, artists, and poets in an invitation to pay more attention to the aqueous aspects of our lives.

Sprout Out Loud!

Sprout Out Loud! | Self Published ‘Zines

Sprout Out Loud’s DIY publication series (Occupy the City with Land Art & Guerilla Gardens, 2013; A Sprout Growing Guide & Manifesta of Local Sustenance, 2007) can be found on the following shelves around Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly; Librairie l’Insoumise (The Anarchist Bookstore); Centre Clark; Monastiraki; Librairie Formats; Concordia Coop Bookstore; Cafe Atomic (in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve).

Contact me directly if you’d like some sent your way by mail!

Editions: 2007 – Sprout Guide | Guide sur la culture des pousses. 2013 – Land Art & Guerilla Gardens | Jardins clandestins.

Guerilla Gardens

Guerilla Gardens & Land Artists, Drawn & Quarterly, Montréal, June 2015

A visual presentation and talk on Guerilla Gardens and Land Art followed by hands-on planting. The visual talk includes example of artists working in collaboration with their immediate environments (ecological, political, geographic, social); citizen-led gardening initiatives and their ties to grassroots social movements; land use and participatory democracy; Land Art and Guerilla Gardens as catalysts for social change; the relevance of poetry in art for public places.

Considering our role as social and cultural pollinators at both the local and international level, simple gestures are highlighted: ones that are inclusive, concrete, creative, inter-generational and life-affirming. When it comes to the built and natural spaces that compose our lives, this presentation aims to invigorate a radical re-imagining of our cities and villages and how we may (re)shape them. View audio-visual archive of the event, by Aleesa Savtchenko of Berlin-based Luminoise.

SOIL: Source of Life

SOIL: Source of Life, DB Clarke Theatre, Concordia University, January 2014

Conference hosted by Mycélium & Compost Montréal. An evening of exploration and discussion about soil, the source of life. Six powerful individuals who work intimately, physically or metaphorically with soil will present their thoughts, hopes, concerns and council on this precious resource, leading to a dialogue with the audience about what actions we might take individually and collectively to protect and restore this precious resource. Video coming soon.

Art as Resistance

Art as Resistance, Ottawa Art Gallery, August 2014

A panel discussion on socially engaged art, resistance, and revolution. In conjunction with the People’s Social Forum.

Discussion, at 36:22.

CKUT, 90.3 FM’s “Kitchen Bang Bang Law“. Vincent Tinguely hosts and we discuss my work as artist and educator as well as my recent talk at Drawn & Quarterly. Listen in at 0:20:00. Montréal, June 2015.

The Roerich Garden Project. art: Nicole Fournier | photo: Alfonso Arzapalo
Relationships in Ecology. art: Emily Rose Michaud | photo: Daniel Seguin
Art as Resistance. art + photo: Scott Benesiinaabandan
Guerilla Gardens & Land Artists. art: Emily Rose Michaud | photo: Frederik Froument